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Unleash the power of responsive design with Wix Studio

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Responsive Design

With Wix Studio, we are able to produce pixel perfect design with flexible grids, breakpoint controls and more. Your websites will work perfectly in all types of devices, mobile, desktops or iPads.

Powerful CMS

Wix Studio comes with a powerful CMS which helps us to connect your website to database. This helps us to design once and create unlimited dynamic pages, SAAS products. This reduces cost and development time.

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Custom Coding

With Velo integrated in Wix Studio, we can write custom code to bring even complicated requirements into reality. Starting from custom e-commerce store to custom LMS, anything and everything is now possible with Velo by Wix.

Integrated Business & Marketing Solutions

Wix Studio comes with industry leading tools to for e-commerce, restaurant booking and even blogs. This also comes with advanced SEO tools and marketing solutions all from one dashboard.

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Hosting & Security

All Wix Studio websites are hosted on reliable global cloud serves which comes with highest international security standard. Servers are maintained with efficiency and scalability in mind.

Wix Studio has something for everyone

Jump into the world of responsive website and give your customers the experience they deserve. Responsive websites can only be created using Wix Studio

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