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Our Role

Web Designer & Developer

Problem Statement

To develop an e-commerce platform to sell customisable products.

Our Technical Solution

The development of presented a multifaceted technical challenge—to create a seamless e-commerce platform for selling customizable products. The solution involved addressing various components while also incorporating a portal for partners to sell their own products, complete with a customized dashboard for efficient management. Below is an overview of the implemented technical features.

  1. User Authentication and Authorization: A robust user authentication system was implemented, ensuring secure access to the platform.

  2. Product Customization Module:An intuitive product customization module was integrated, allowing users to personalize products.
    Features such as color selection, size selection, and image uploads were included for a comprehensive customization experience.

  3. Database Design and Management:A scalable and efficient database schema was designed for structured data storage.
    Wix Databse was used with caching mechanisms for optimized data retrieval. Server side rendering was also enabled for faster data retrieval.

  4. Modern Web Design: Modern web design using the classic Wix Editor ensured a light weight website enhancing user experience.

  5. Payment Gateway Integration: Secure and reliable payment gateways were integrated, supporting various payment options and implementing SSL encryption for secure transactions.

  6. Order Management System: A comprehensive order management system tracked and managed customer orders, including order status tracking, history, and confirmation emails.
    Integration with inventory management systems maintained accurate stock levels.

  7. Scalability and Performance:The platform was designed with scalability in mind, utilizing cloud services for scalable infrastructure.
    Performance optimization techniques such as image compression was implemented on top of Wix's default image compression.

  8. Testing and Quality Assurance: Thorough testing, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing, was conducted to ensure reliability and functionality.

Additional Features: Onboarding Portal and Partner Dashboard:

  1. Partner Onboarding Portal: A dedicated onboarding portal streamlined partner registration and product submission processes.
    An intuitive interface facilitated partners in uploading product details, images, and pricing information.

  2. Partner Dashboard: A custom dashboard was created for partners to manage and monitor their activities on the platform.
    The dashboard provided an overview of orders, sales performance, and features for partners to manage their products easily.

  3. Earnings Tracking: An earnings dashboard provided a clear breakdown of revenue, including sales, commissions, and fees for the Partners.

  4. Inventory Management for Partners: Inventory management features allowed partners to efficiently manage product stock.
    Automated alerts for low stock levels and out-of-stock situations were implemented.

  5. Communication Tools: Automated notifications were in place for new orders, product approvals, and other relevant updates.

  6. Training and Support Resources:Comprehensive documentation and training resources were provided to assist partners in navigating onboarding and using the dashboard effectively.
    A dedicated support channel for partners addressed any technical issues or inquiries promptly.

The culmination of these technical features and additional components resulted in a feature-rich and collaborative e-commerce platform on, offering a seamless experience for users and partners alike.

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